Medical Cannabis

Smoke free Medicating 

We believe every person has a different relationship with cannabis. Various options are available to cater to our patients individual comfort levels. Smoke free, and non-psychoactive methods available as well as traditional dried and cured cannabis flowers and concentrates. 



Activism in Washington

There are several ways to get involved in patient advocacy. Learn how, and see what group would be best for you. 



austen everett foundation

The Austen Everett Foundation works to inspire, empower, and improve the lives of children faced with cancer by matching and integrating these special individuals with professional and intercollegiate athletic organizations.
Through our mission, the Austen Everett Foundation hopes to liberate children from their illness while raising awareness and funds to fight the battle against cancer. We here at AEF will coordinate with the child’s favorite sport team or athlete and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience to become a professional or intercollegiate athlete for that specific sport and game.
If we can offer the opportunity for a child to share moments of laughter, happiness and gain an everlasting bond with an athlete, then we have achieved Austen’s dream of showing kids firsthand that Cancer should not define who you are.